The Notifier

The Notifier is a wearable device that prevents me from forgetting to
respond to my text messages.  The wearable sits on my belt and is connected to my ear via a string threaded into a wheel.  

When I receive a text instead of the notification ding or vibration, the motor on the device will start tugging on my ear, applying suggestive force in order to insist on my reply.  By wearing this, there isn’t any opportunity for me to forget to respond to my text messages.

In quarantine based lives we are tethered our devices 24/7.  But despite that we don’t always respond to every single message we get.  At a certain point I am making conscious or unconscious choices to let these messages pass me by.  Even in a time when social contact is so highly valued.  What is the inherent social contract that exists when we get text messages?  

With the Notifier I explore what a lifestyle looks like where I don’t have the option to ignore texts.  When you are living in bondage with your cell phone, and the people communicating with you through it, how do our dynamics change?  

You can read about the fabrication process here