Pull The Plug

Roles : Design, Developer, Fabrication


Pull the Plug is an intervention into our collective habit of data hoarding.  Specifically it addresses the habit of systematically storing and then ignoring documents, spreadsheets, and photos in our cloud services.  Services like Google Drive & Dropbox allow us the service to store hundreds of gigabytes,or thousands or documents for free. I ask the question, Do we need all this data we store in the cloud?  These links to the past? These digital footprints? When is the last time you looked at any of these things?

What I have built is a device that seeks out any data in Google Drive that you haven’t “looked at” or “modified” in over 2 years.  Once it seeks out this data, you can Pull The Plug, which executes software that deletes the selected data in Google Drive.  

Pull the Plug allows you to directly engage with your data hoarding habits and ask “If I haven’t even looked at or acknowledged this document in so long, do I really need it?”  In the spirit of Marie Kando I ask you, “Does your Data Spark Joy in your life?” And if it doesn’t, pull this plug, and delete what you don’t need. 

You have the option to Fully Pull the Plug, which I did myself, and delete all documents you haven’t looked at in over 2 years.  Or you can simply delete one document, chosen at random from the database, and give you time to decide if you’re willing to let this artifact go. 

The project was presented at ITP NYU Winter Showcase.