Digital Mediators 

Digital Mediators is a series of Experimental Video Chat Applications which alter the traditional constraints of speech within our conversations.  

Filter Bubble 

Filter Bubble is a VideoChat app that analyzes participants' audio in real time and forces them to only talk about what is currently trending on Twitter.   When you open the application you will be greeted with a normal looking and functioning Videochat.  As each person fails to mention the hashtags enough in conversation, their volume will be gradually decreased and the image of the other person will fade away.

When the algorithm picks up that they have mentioned the keywords again, their volume will be turned on again and they will be able to see the other participant.   This project was created as part of my Thesis at ITP NYU. 

Give and Take Chat

Give And Take Chat is a Videochat app in which each participant is only allowed to talk for 40 seconds at a time.  Each user takes turns speaking while the other one is muted and is required to listen. This back and forth goes on for the duration of the conversation.  This environment hopes to force users to be more aware of their speech patterns by constraining the way they can speak.