Holiday Bells Grove Installation 

Roles : Max MSP Programmer, Touch Designer Programmer, Arduino Developer

During the summer of 2019 I got the opportunity to join the team at creative studio Red Paper Heart for a Technology Internship.  During this time I was responsible for building a series of prototypes and infrastructure that would lead to the completion of a larger set of installations known as the Wishing Forest. 

From the Red Paper Heart Website:

The Wishing Forest is a series of installations that are playful twists of classic holiday trees. Whether it’s a tree that is lit up with 25,000 individually addressable LEDs that react to an ornament flying through pneumatic tubes, or a 30 foot bell that creates a symphony of chimes triggered by body movement - these are holiday displays that you can interact and create with. We invite you to try forest groves inspired by the mechanical magic of classic coin op arcades and music boxes; to make your own memories in crafted sets; and to create your own forest scape with trees that analyze the rhythmic properties of your voice. This holiday, don’t just walk by holiday displays: run through them, talk like a forest animal, light up the trees, and ring a thousand bells at once.

As part of the process I developed a series of Music Information Retrieval Algorithms as a proof of concept towards the development of the Whispering Wishes installation. 

For the Bell Groove Installation I developed a back end in Touch Designer that allowed multiple “Hanging Bells” to detect movement underneath and play music in response to participant interaction. 

Whispering Wishes Installation