Healthy Data Starts Here is a Hand Sanitizing Station that cleans your dirty browsing history in addition to cleaning your hands.  

Filter Bubble is a VideoChat app that forces you to only talk about what is currently trending on Twitter

Pull The Plug is an Outlet that Deletes that data you’ve been hoarding in Google Drive

The Notifier is a wearable that inflicts pain on it’s user when they ignore any incoming text messages

Left on Read is a Audio Application that tells you every 30 seconds how long it has been since the person you’re talking to has seen your text

Impression is an Immersive Theater Experience where you teach an Artifical Intelligence Entity about how to feel

Pillow Talk is a Granular Synthesis Performance Instrument in the form of a pillow

Dissonance is a CV Sequencer for Synthesizers that takes the form of a bed of plants.